I’ve got so much taste to give away.

MICHAL MARTIKÁN will be fighting on the home track at Liptov for fifth individual title of European champion.

One of the biggest stars of weekend European Championships in canoe slalom in Liptovsky Mikulas will be Michal Martikán. Five-time Olympic medalist wondered end active career after last year's world championships in London, where he finally lost the opportunity to start at the August Olympics Games in Rio. Ultimately, he changed this decision and in Areal of canoe slalom of Ondrej Cibák will fight for the fifth individual title of champion of Europe.


l Michal, just after last year's world championships in London have announced that you were seriously thinking about retiring. Does this decision result from the current frustration that you failed the first time in the nomination fight to participate in the Olympics?


„Disappointment with a broken final race and the final decision in our internal Olympic qualification was big. Although I had the fastest time in the final and we won the world title in a team race 3xC1 in a moment but even though I wasn’t leaving from London's world championship satisfied. "


l What was the main reason for your decision to keep on a career?


„Since I was at the world championships able to drive the fastest times also last year so it is not yet time to say goodbye to the most beautiful sport in the world to me. I have no major health problems, for which I could not go for maximum and I still have so much taste to give away. Also now I can train twice more than others on the water. "


l There are the European Championships at home in Liptov Just three days, looking forward to them?


„Thanks to our great fans and supporters we have an every memorable race at home in Liptov. The atmosphere could always be compared with any big race, so I believe it will be the same this year. I would like to repeat experiences of nine years ago when the ,Europe' was in Slovakia, I managed to go fastest and win. "


l You will follow in August Olympic Canoe Slalom competition?


„Certainly yes.“


l If you were given the opportunity to go to Rio, for example, as a co-host - as was Dukátová Beijing 2008 - Would you accept it?


„I'm not thinking about it now, so I do not know what to answer. "


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