European Championship SENIOR 2016 Liptovsky MIkulas


General Info

Name:                                     EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP SENIOR 2016

Date:                                       13th - 15th May 2016

Place:                                     Canoe Slalom Venue, Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia



European Canoe Association  

Slovak Canoe Association

Organizing Committee



Individual                                 C1M, C1W, K1M, C2M, K1W

Teams                                     3xC1M, C1W, K1M, C2M, K1W



Course:                                   Orava (right)

Length:                                   250 m

Drop:                                      7.5 m

Flow:                                      12 – 15 m3

Difficulty:                                WW 3-4



Numerical Entries

Numerical entries should be sent to organizing committee by email or fax on dedicated form.


Fax:                                        +421 44 552 02 17

Deadline:                                 14.04.2016


Nominal Entries

will be enabled only via ICF on-line system available at ISIS system (

Deadline:                                 28.04.2016



Accreditation will be enabled only via ICF on-line system available at ISIS system (


Participation Fee / Access Period

The Participation fee of 105 EUR will be charged per each athlete and team officials for the Access Period, from 09 May till 15 May 2016

Participation fee has to be paid in advance by 05 May 2016 via the bank transfer to make the accreditation more convenient. At the venue no credit or debet cards will be accepted, payment will be possible in cash only.


Bank transfer details

Bank name:                         Slovenská sporiteľňa a. s., Liptovský Mikuláš

Account number:                56712226/0900

IBAN:                                  SK48 0900 0000 0000 5671 2226

BIC:                                    GIBASKBX

Address:                             Kanoe Tatra Klub, Nabrezie J. Krala 8, 031 01 Liptovsky Mikulas


Media and Press

Please contact us for more info at our email


For trainings in April - June please contact us at least 2 weeks before your arrival. The training fee is 8 EUR / per boat / per hour.

Official Trainings

Official trainings from 09 May till 12 May 2016 are free of charge.

09 May till 11 May 2016          08:00- 20:00                               12 May 2016        08:00 – 12:00

Race Office Opening Hours

09 May – 15 May 2016           08:00 - 17:00 (Daily)

Competitions at venue before Championships

International Liptov Slaloms - Ranking      23rd Apr – 24th Apr 2016                  Course Orava (Right)



City of Liptovsky Mikuláš and region of Liptov offers wide variety of accommodation from 5 star hotels to    private pensions. OC is ready to assist you with bookings according your needs. Please contact us at


Transport / Location of airports, rail network and roads

Slovakia is in the middle of Central Europe, so it's easy to access from all directions. Liptovsky Mikuláš has highway and railway connection to Bratislava, the Capital city of Slovak republic, which is very close to Austria, Czech republic and Hungary.


Arriving by plane

These airports are connected to all world major destinations:











Poprad Airport - 54km - 35min drive

Košice Airport - 182km - 2 hours drive

Bratislava Airport – 276 km – 3 hours drive

Krakow Airport – 173 km – 3 hours drive

Vienna Airport – 344 km – 3.5 hours drive

Brno Airport – 292 km – 3.5 hours drive

Budapest Airport – 375 km – 4 hours drive





Arriving by car

Liptovsky Mikuláš is well connected to main Europe transit lines by highway D1 - E50 in both, east and west, directions.


Arriving by train

Liptovsky Mikuláš is situated on main Slovak railway connection between two biggest cities Bratislava and Kosice. Fast trains are arriving every two hours.




Slovakia is member-state of the European Union. The Slovak embassy in your country will provide you with all detailed information about visas. You will find details on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic at

Slovak Canoe Association will assist in processing Immigration visa applications for all participants of the Championships. For this service please contact us at


Medical Insurance


Organizing Committee kindly asks all participants of the Championships to ensure medical insurance policy in their countries. All costs above the regular first aid, ambulance and physiotherapeutic services are to be covered by this medical insurance policy.


Doping control

Doping control will be performed in accordance to the ICF Anti-doping requirements and WADA standards.

First aid

Emergency medical services will be located close to main tribune. This medical service will cover only emergency cases and that all participants are responsible to arrange, at their cost, their own medical insurance policy.


Water safety


Rescuing in competition area during the competition days will be organized.


Official Technical Video Service

During the competition days technical video signal will be provided to team's area.


Contact us



Telephone, Fax:           +421 44 552 02 17

Address:                     Kanoe Tatra klub, Nábrežie Janka Kráľa 8, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia


Official invitation.pdf

Officials / ECH2016.pdf