Voices after C1 qualificaton

Benuš, who has already booked his place at Olympic Games in Rio, made his run without single penalty.

"It was very average qualifying run. I did not risk, but I am satisfied, because I did not do anything wrong and I advanced - that was my primary goal," commented Benus. 


Paddlers nor the fans are struggling with the weather. After few sunny days, first day of the European Championship clouds have covered the sky over Liptov and raindrops have covered the canoe slalom venue. " I am surprised by the cold weather. Water is very icy and shallow and I give it a fight. There is less water than during week days, when we had practice sessions here. Pity, I had some collision with my canoe," added Benus. C1 Semifinal is scheduled on Saturday morning.


"It´s cold, but I am feeling well. It was not in the plan to touch the last upstream gate, but at least I will not start the semi-final as the last one. I do not mind rain, but it must be bothering for the fans. It´s chilly though. Track suits me, nothing extraordinary," commented on his first qualifying run Alexander Slakovský. " I made number of mistakes, it could have been better, but it was under my control considering it was a qualifying run. If it was warmer, it would be more pleasant. Yesterday weather was fine, today it´s cold. Can not feel my hands. I want to be fastest in every race, I feel the pressure same as before," said doubles Olympic champions Michal Martikan after his first run at European Championship 2016. 


SZKDV, ilustračné foto


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