Voices of Slovak competitors

Maceková Somina (21): „It could be better, however it could be worse as well. In this category, I am just beginner, so from my point of view, I didn‘t make the worst of the race, but on the other side I didn‘t surprise much too.“


Škáchová Monika (22): „My feelings about the race aren‘t very good, because I could go better, and I am sorry for it. Now, after the first run, I know where I made mistakes, and I would try to improve them. Before a jump, this run wasn’t very good, because I slackened up.“


Stanovská Soňa (20): „The beginning of my race wasn‘t very good, because I tumbled out at the gate, but then as if cold water woken me, and from this moment, I went much better. I managed to do a good jump, and as well I am satisfied with the last part of the race.“


Alexander Slafkovský (6): „It was a semi-final run with no big mistakes. There occurred one touch, nevertheless I got it under control. Today, standings weren’t so important, it was more important to get into top-ten, and in final, quality of competitors will be shown. In comparison with a yesterday‘s course, this one was much more challenging, therefore in the semi-final runs, three or four favorites dropped out. Water is unpredictable, and changes rapidly. “      



Matej Beňuš (4): „I don’t have very good feeling about the race, because I didn’t put everything into it, whereas I was checking bow of my boat all the time. In comparison with a yesterday’s race, this one went much better, because I was churning up with .... glove, and I am wearing the thickest impragnated nylon mack that exists. Course is more challenging and pretty tricky, and one can spoilt it very easily.“     


Martikán Michal: „First of all, I would like to thanks for this fantastic atmosphere that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It was great despite of an unfavourable weather conditions. I was excited that there was high water finally, and paddling went very well. Sašo is a great competitor, and he is very good in front of the home crowd. I am glad I was much faster than him, even if I slightly touched the gates. I am happy we got two medals.“


Slafkovský Alexander: „I am wiping my tears, because I fulfilled my dream. This is the biggest race we have ever had in Slovakia in front of the home crowd, and people were fantastic, they really pushed me forward. Before last gate, I was a little bit stiffened, I got frightened, however finally I managed to take it through to the victorious finish. Actually, I lost my paddle, because as I was beside myself with joy, I casted it up, but then I didn’t catch it. For us who are not going to the Olympic Games, it is highlight of the season, and now it only remains to take through the World Cups. This is a big thing for me.“


Jakub Grigar: „After semi-final, I have already known that I qualified for the Olympic Games, and it was hard to concentrate on the final with all those people who kept their fingers crossed for me, and supported me. I went to compete with a clear mind in order to manage to get through it somehow, because I knew that main goal was fulfilled. I am glad, because there aren’t many people who can say that in their 19 they are going to the Olympic Games. It’s a pity that weather wasn’t good, because people were fantastic. As far back as semi-final, when I thought I wouldn’t manage to do it, they started pushing me forward. It helped me very much, and maybe it was as well thanks to them that I got into the final. In the final, it was great - I heard nothing but the crowd.“


Dukatova Jana: I am absolutely happy. My goal was to win medal and I am happy to achieve it. It was not easy at all. I recalled the times from fours years ago, when I was fighting for the Olympics. It is the biggest pressure, one can Imagine. I was in good position today because of my results from last year. I believed in happy ending. It was never easy. I knew at sixth gate I am not well entering the next one. Jump was not idea neither. I knew I am losing some seconds, but I kept concentration until the very last gate."


Kaliska Elena: I must say I am satisfied. For sure, ambitions were not as high, but as I said few days ago, there is always hope, I fought hard for the Olympics until the very end. I would like to thank all the fans for great atmosphere, it was like a little Olympics for me. Every medal is great, even bronze is very nice result. I gave it all in the preparation for this event and I need to be satisfied. This is sport, we all make mistakes, track was very difficult, gates were designed to give paddlers a real challenge. From my point of view, it was a great Championship, worth watching for fans. Life goes on, I do sport with passion and happiness, and I want to continue doing what I love most, paddling. 


Skantar Peter: Missing accomplished. Could have been better with a medal. Our friends from the national team made it, I really wish them only the best. We came sixth, we are happy to book a place at the Olympics, that was our goal anyway


Skantar Ladislav: It was really difficult. I dont remember racing under so much pressure. We had Olympics in our head, it was very close. It was important to go out there and do our best and make our olympic dream reality. Pity, we did not win any medal from the European Championship, but we already have seven, so we are happy for Kucera and Batik to win the title on home soil. 


Kucera Tomas: We made two great runs. Even though we did not compete for the Olympics, pressure is always present. We told ourselves, lets take that medal and lets go home. Fans helped us a lot. 


Batik Jan: We finally made a good result on home soil. I am speechless, great result. 


Pavol Hoscorner: We have been on several Olympic Games, we are happy for Skantarovci, hope they enjoy it, it might be the last Olympic Games for this category. we were not as motivated, because of current situation in Slovak sport so it was not the best fight from us. We were not so motivated in training as before. BEfore we worked really hard, we had nothing to  loose, but in recent years we all know the situation about Slovak sport. If they build a different track, there would be a bigger chance, but only if we would have made a fantastic run with no mistakes and great time. It was not the best track for us, did not suit is, it was a fight against the water. We already knew before the final run that it might not be ideal, but there was still hope. We made some small mistakes at the start, so we had to give it all. There were more mistakes along the way, we started to take risk. We knew already in the middle of our run, that we will not make the medal today. 






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